Buy One Get One

How Buy One Get One (BOGO) works


From time to time The Comedy Loft has a buy one (BOGO) get one ticket special. This allows you to purchase one ticket at its normal cost and receive another for free. When purchasing the ticket on the order tickets page for shows that offer the BOGO special select the number of tickets you wish to pay for and another will be added to your order for free. For example, if you would like a total of two tickets for a show (1 paid and 1 free) select 1 in the dropdown menu and you will receive your BOGO ticket when you arrive that night for the show from our box office staff. If you want 4 (2 paid, 2 free) just select 2 in the dropdown menu and so on.

Please note not all shows are eligible for BOGO only those clearly marked on the ticket page.

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